Langdon Farms Dream Wedding – Ryan + Anna

What a beautiful wedding this was to be a part of! It was so special to me for so many reasons. Anna has been a friend of mine for the past couple years, and Ryan only recently. Anna and I were both working at a summer camp last July when Ryan came into the picture. I remember having a few short conversations with him during the week and quickly realizing he was a pretty special guy. The boys he was counseling looked up to him, he was funny and energetic, and during our counselor meetings he always had good things to say. At the end of the week I made a comment about how great he was to Anna– Anna quickly agreed, and from there, I just had a good feeling about it. Once camp had ended we still texted about every once in a while. At the start of August I got a text from Anna that said “By the way, Ryan and I are getting coffee tomorrow afternoon.” I might have screamed. From that point on I got updates after dates, and a few pictures every once in a while, until one day I got a text from Ryan. He was going to ask Anna to marry him. My heart could have burst! I was so happy for them. I anxiously awaited a text from Anna. On December 22 I got a text. No words, just a picture of a beautiful ring on Anna’s hand.
I couldn’t be more happy for these two. They exhibit God’s love and joy to everyone around them, and I can’t wait to see how they further His kingdom together. I’m so honored I got to be a part of such a special day.