Hello there,
I’m Marissa!

I am a wedding photographer who loves traveling, art, unique coffee-shops, making spotify playlists, people, and telling their stories. Working with people has been something I have loved ever since my very first job. I love interacting with strangers, hearing about their lives, and getting to ask them questions that prompt them and make them feel heard. I am also passionate about art. I love all forms, and I have practiced my hand at as many as I can. The one form of art that has resonated with me is photography. As I have experimented with different types of photography, I have found that my favorite form involves capturing people. I have molded together two things I am extremely passionate about and turned it into a form of art, a way to interact with people, and a way to support myself

Why book with me?

I believe that what really makes a beautiful image is the connection and emotion between the people being captured.

When I do a shoot my goal is to capture that raw emotion and connection between the two people in the image. I love love and being able to snap an image that saves that story forever is so special.

You make my job easy. All you do is be yourself and show the emotion you feel toward your significant other, and I get to be there to capture that picture forever. I don’t like to stage photos. While there is always a time to pose a picture and stand back and snap it, I love being able to capture what naturally unfolds. I create intentional space for you to be spontaneous, have fun, and just be yourself.